Stress Station

The revolutionary instrument for VLSI process improvement

According to ITRS and Intel's CMOS process technology, stress
technology has become one of the key technologies in advanced
nano-meter CMOS process included 90 nm and beyond. This stress
station is capable of stress measurement in CMOS component and
measurement of Piezo-resistance simultaneously. Similarly, this
stress station is applicable to many research fields such as
nano-wire, nano-tube, FinFET, GaAs component, SiGe channel
component, MEMS, LED, OLED, and PV

 Included Software Features:

Measurement Range 300 MPa
Stress Resolution 0.05 MPa
Max. sample size 80x100 mm
Adjustable span range in applied force 95 mm
Max applied force 100 N
Max stroke of applied force 3 mm
Operating temperature -20 ~ +60 °C